Posted by: devonellington | February 28, 2014

February 2014 Completion List

This was a tough month. When Mercury is retrograde, things like communication, travel, electronics always go wonky. I wish I was more productive. All I can do is dig in harder for March.

Completion List February 2014

Pitches: 50 (not counting whatever I do today). Resulted in 2 new immediate clients, and 7 clients who didn’t need me in the moment, but are interested in hiring me in the upcoming months. One could not afford me for the project in the ad, but wants to work with me on a smaller project in the future. Also had continuing work from a client who was new as of January. Higher response rate from LOIs than from companies who posted ads.
Follow-ups from November: because my records weren’t good for the second half of last year, that didn’t work too well.

Writers Vineyard article for February
Ink in My Coffee (5X/week)
GDR (3X/month)
Garden Journal (2x/week) — most weeks, it was only once
Adventures in Vineland (1x/week)
Western novella revised and submitted
2 book reviews
CCWC Membership Task Force Meeting
CCWC Executive Committee Meeting
NMLC Mermaid Ball Meeting

In Progress:
Working on scripts for packet
Draft introductory letter for new fundraising contact
Write short story (back to “New York Movie”)
Revise and polish scripts for packet
Editing Intensive
Sparkle & Tarnish development
Ostara planning
Organize/purge 20 boxes (only did 4)

Work on non-fiction project (moved to June)
Comfort and Contradiction — no posts this month
Format and release one Topic Workbook
Work on BALTHAZAAR TREASURE (March — deadline is June)
Stowe-Eliot-Bronte Development (will start up again in late March or early April)

Find/pitch/write at least one new article market (separate from pitches listed above)

Cover letter LOI for script packets
Started working with writing friend writing our novels in tandem — chose the ferry girl novel
Drafted rough of NMLC Press Kit
Books arrived for contest judging; initial check-in/paperwork/set up system

Sci-fi horror novella (accepted)
Western novella (accepted)
3 short stories
Requested partial novel to traditional publisher

Too much time taken up by corporate crap, especially Comcast issue
Potential “clients” trying to get work for free

Sci-fi horror novella accepted
Western novella accepted



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