Posted by: devonellington | February 4, 2014

To Do List — February 2014

I forgot that I hadn’t yet posted this on the blog. Sorry about that.

Short month, so the list is shorter than last month’s, but no less intense.

Mercury is retrograde for most of the month, so be careful — give yourself more travel time, think and pause before you speak, try to act with compassion rather than RE-act with anger, be careful with mechanical items, try not to sign contracts or buy big ticket items, great time for bargains/antiques, and choose silence whenever possible.

Here’s the list:

To Do List February 2014:

Pitches: 3-5 pitches per week
Follow up on November pitches

1K every morning on primary project
Writers Vineyard Article for February
Work on scripts for packet
Draft introductory letter for new fundraising contact
Work on one of the non-fiction projects
Find, pitch, write, submit to at least one new article market
Ink in My Coffee (5x week)
GDR (3X month)
Garden Journal (2x week)
Adventures in Vineland (1x/week)
Comfort and Contradiction — whenever appropriate
Write short story
Format and release One Topic Workbooks

Revise scripts and polish packet as scripts are finished
Revise western novella and submit

Submit two novellas (note — one was submitted and accepted the same day)
At least 3 backlogged pieces

CCWC Executive Committee meeting
CCWC Membership Task Force Meeting
NMLC Development Committee Meeting

Continue teaching Editing Intensive
Keep up with Sparkle & Tarnish Devlopment
Keep up with Stowe-Eliot-Bronte development
Garden Planning
Ostara planning
Organize/purge 20 boxes
Set up rehearsal schedule for SEAL TIDES
Set auditions & rehearsals for SEAL TIDES


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