Posted by: devonellington | January 31, 2014

January 2014 Wrap Up

How did your January go?

I look back on the list, and I’m surprised. I’m pleased where I was able to keep focus, and pleased how I was able to fold in some new projects while reshuffling, but not jettisoning, some other projects. That makes me feel better about my overall plan.

Today is the Chinese Lunar New Year, moving into the Year of the Horse. I’m so ready for it!

January 2014 Completion List:

Pitches: 83 — out of that had a handful of interviews, some which went well, some where they so-called “clients” basically didn’t want to pay for the services. Will hear back on a couple of gigs in the next few weeks and have some follow-up “we want to use you in the future” with some good companies. Really tracking it this month, I’m surprised by how many people advertising are, basically, scammers with a sense of entitlement and nothing to back it up. It also shows which sites has the postings where the posters are legitimate, thoughtful and courteous, even if they choose not to use one. The Media Bistro site has been the biggest disappointment to me, which is surprising. I’d always considered it the top site, but a couple of the other sites I now visit regularly have a much better tier of client for me.

My tracking system last year wasn’t as good, and the October follow-up wasn’t as useful as it should have been — entirely my fault.

CTS Teleplay drafted & revised
Writers Vineyard post
Pitched to 3 new-to-me article markets for features
BROWNSTONE pilot revised
CCWC Board Meeting
Finished, revised, submitted airship steampunk story
Final 2 articles for Fifty is the New Fifty
NMLC Board meeting
NMLC Development Committee Meeting
Ink in My Coffee (5X week)
GDR (3X month)
Garden Journal (2X week)
CCWC Memberships Task Force Meeting
NMLC Cocktail party
Daily yoga
Daily meditation

In Progress:
Teach Editing Intensive Workshop (this runs until April 4)
Marketing Writing Contest
Working on remainder of scripts for packet
Sparkle & Tarnish Development
Stowe-Eliot-Bronte Development
Biblio Paradise Schedule
Garden Planning
Imbolc Planning
Organize/purge 20 boxes (did 6)
Drafting letter for new funding contact
Prepped 2 novellas for submission (backlogged projects)

Topic Workbook formatted/released (moved to February)

Unexpected Additions:
Reviewed 2 books (should have been on list — ongoing gig)
Contract offer on TRACKING MEDUSA means THE BALTHAZAAR TREASURE has to go back into the writing queue
NMLC Development Committee Meeting
Wrote synopsis for STALEMATE DEATH
Wrote synopsis for VISCERAL INVISIBLES
Wrote synopsis for THE BROWNSTONE
Book Editing Client
Tryout project w/new client
Roughed out NMLC Media Kit

Late payments from 2 clients, who will be dropped
Escalating issues with Comcast
Didn’t get a job I wanted & was the right person for

Invited to participate in a theatre festival (declined)
Contract offer for “Lake Justice” (accepted)
Contract offer for “Tracking Medusa” (accepted)


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