Posted by: devonellington | December 30, 2013

Preparing for 2014

Talk about a neglected blog!  My deepest apologies.

2013 was a year of unexpected challenges.  Some were rewarding, some where not.  As I review both my successes and frustrations for the year, I realized I was running so hard on the treadmill to survive that I was getting farther and farther away from my “real self”.  I started losing sight of what I really wanted, put myself out too much for other people and then wondered why I was disappointed.

I intend to be much more selfish this year, but in a positive way!

I re-post questions from last year, because they are still relevant, and, on January 1, I will come back with some answers.  January 2 will have to To-Do list for the month, which, I am sure will change a good deal, as I have a lot of pending contracts, and that will change everything.

But here are some questions, and let’s have a more peaceful and coherent journey this year!

Please note that although the focus is on writing, you can replace “writing” with whatever your passion/focus is.

Questions to think about as you plan the upcoming year:

What makes you happy?

What growth have you seen in your writing over the past twelve months?

How did your progress exceed your expectations?

Where did you fall short?

Why did the shortfalls happen, and how can you avoid them in the future?

How did your goals and expectations evolve and change over the course of the year?

What new and different direction did you try in your writing this year?  Were you happy with the outcome?

What new direction do you want to try next year?

What direction do you want to explore more deeply?

What direction do you want to leave behind, at least for the moment?

What did you decide no longer served your writing life, and how did you remove it?  Was that the right choice for now, or do you miss it?

How do you want to reframe your commitment to writing over the next year?

What new non-writing experience do you want to add to your life in the coming months?

Looking ahead, what do you want to achieve in your writing over the next year?  Remember, you cannot control when something is PUBLISHED, unless you self-publish.  You can only control what you complete and submit.  Keep it in terms of what’s in YOUR jurisdiction.
List your goals, and three steps you commit to take in order to achieve them.

List three dreams you have for your life, including your writing or separate from it.  How do they feed into your goals, and how are they different?  What steps will you take to start turning the dreams into reality?

List three resolutions that you make for yourself, regarding your life as a whole.

We’ll check back in on January 1, 2013 to compare notes!



  1. Thanks for posting these again. I was not happy with my writing and writing time last year and I’m preparing now for a better year in 2014. I have my calendar and will work on these questions. I refuse to let rejections get me down this year. I’ll be writing to make me happy and if the editor’s don’t like it but don’t make any comments…Oh well.

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