Posted by: devonellington | January 15, 2013

January Mid-Month Check-in

How’s your month going?  I can’t believe we already hit the 15th!

I hit the ground running quite well early on, but have gotten a bit pulled off-course, I feel.  I decided I’m not happy with “That Man in Tights” and it needs more work before release — now I have to build time into the schedule to actually do that.  I’ve been struggling with a proposal — the proposal itself is strong, but the writing sample that goes along with it doesn’t yet sing, and I can’t submit it until it does.

I have knocked off a good bit of the list, and released a Topic workbook ebook, SETTING UP YOUR SUBMISSION SYSTEM, that I didn’t expect to get out this month.

More necessary time spent marketing meant less time spent on writing, so I have to get that back in balance.  And, of course, there were things I forgot to put on the list that had to be dealt with.

The last few days have been a time of highs — the release of the rehabilitated, now-healthy seal from the National Marine Life Center and plans to do a play as a fundraiser for them — but also frustrations with other things.

It comes down to:
–what is in my control?
–what can I do to improve what’s in my control?
–what is out of my control?
–how do I handle what’s out of my control gracefully and/or cut it out if it no longer serves my needs and my vision?

I don’t have all the answers yet, but I’m working on it.  Articulating the questions helps.  It’s the first step in taking action to find solutions.

Where are you so far this month?

See you on the 31st for the wrap-up!



  1. […] by the mid-month check in on Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions, and let’s see how we’re doing this […]

  2. It’s been slow this month. Because there were so many projects wrapping up in December and because no one thinks of additional work during the holidays, I didn’t market for January. I’m actually relieved for the lull. I can concentrate on the article and blog work I normally do.

    But oh, February. It’s going to be busy!

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