Posted by: devonellington | January 2, 2013

January To-Do List

Yes, this list is long.

So, how do I plan to implement it?

First, by putting my own work first.  I’m trying to decide if I need to up the daily 1K to 1.5 or to 2, or, in the case of needing to cough up 30K each on two major projects, do I do 1K on each per day, or more?  Or do I switch off days?  Or do I pound in harder for a few days on one and switch off?  I’m not sure yet — I’ll be checking in with that to figure it out.

I will check in with my students in the morning for questions, but I won’t actually focus on their work until the afternoon.

I will try to end with another writing session of my own in the late afternoon, and then use a second yoga session to transition.

On the 15th, we will reconvene here to see how things are going, and what unexpected wrenches and boulders life has tossed into our list to frustrate us, and figure out ways to overcome them.

My list:

January To-Do List

15 pitches
Polish wacky proposal and get it to agent
Finish Twelfth Night stories
Type Twelfth Night stories
Ongoing work for Confidential Job #1
Set up 2013 folders
Set up Submission, Query, and Pitch Logs for 2013
Follow up unanswered submissions, queries, and pitches from September
Submit stories from Flash 7 that were held for January deadline
Finish and submit “Wounds”
Get the three short pieces up on Smashwords
Finish the Imbolc story and prep for release
Prepare “That Man in Tights” for release
Book slots for BIBLIO PARADISE through April
Social Media — 15-30 mins./day
Teach “When Words Align”
Teach “Sensory Perceptions”
Work with private students
Decide what and if I will teach workshops in February
IF I settle on teaching, start promotion
Start pre-release push for OFDW
Do combo media kit for Jain Lazarus Adventures
Finish Fearless Ink brochure
Finish rewrite on SEVEN OF SWORDS play
Write marine life play
At least 2 major networking events
Finish inputting CBC list into new database
Choose wordpress template and set up blog for CBC
Development work w/Marine Life Center
Development work w/CCWC
Yoga  (daily at home + weekly class)
Meditation (daily)
Weight-training (2x/week)
Walking (3X/week)
Work on organizing and purging boxes in basement
Re-read Helena Francis manuscript and make decision
Re-read TAPESTRY manuscript and make a decision



  1. […] were hard to answer both honestly and compassionately) are here and my To-Do list for January is here. I’ve even managed to knock a few things off the […]

  2. I’m coming in a day late, but I read the last two posts and you are so inspiring. Your January list is incredible, and it is spurring me on to push my self in the direction of my writing goals. I look forward to more posts and I will be busy today working on GRD questions and my January list. Thanks for all this wonderful insight.

  3. You’re welcome whenever you get here. It’s helpful to have questions to help you focus on what you want, need, and have to let go of; and it’s helpful to work on goals in community.

  4. Holy Moly! Do you sleep? I have to stay ‘tuned’ to see how you do this. Amazing and inspiring. -Kara

  5. The only way to achieve what I want and need to do is to roll up the sleeves and put in the work!

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