Posted by: devonellington | May 3, 2011

April Wrap-Up and May To Do List

April dashed past so fast, I barely noticed it leave! I’m glad it’s finally warming up a bit and things are blooming.

I wrapped up April in this fashion:

April Wrap-Up

Only 5 pitches — must up that this year
Advanced Workshop for RWA
2 rounds of edits and final galleys for ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT
Got lawnmower — and even started using it

In Progress:
Setting as Character Workshop for Savvy (runs until almost end of May)
Millennium Trilogy (reading it)
Choosing A of R swag
A of R Media Kit — have to update per edits
Submitting short stories
Garden work — won’t that always be a work in progress?
Rehabilitate back
Catch up with applications for year-long intensive (more have come in)

April Newsletter never got done
Finish new brochure
Create list for local mailing
Work on anthology short story for July submission

Notes for Annabel Aidan book not connected to A of R world
Helped with Butterfly Mosiac at wildlife Sanctuary

A of R is with the publication, in production for release

April just kind of moved along. I’m not really disappointed by anything, just trying to get everything done. I was frustrated by a client, and won’t work with that particular client again, but things happen.

While I was in it, April felt somewhat frustrating, but now that I look back, it was better than I expected.

And on to May, which is a busy month, full of traveling:

To Do List for May:

12-15 pitches
May newsletter
Teach deconstruction workshop for Savvy
Finish Setting as Character workshop for Savvy
Work on A of R swag
Finish brochure
Create list for local mailing
Work on Anthology short story
Keep submitting short stories
Keep working on back
Finalize last few slots for year-long workshop
Start PR push for A of R
2 site gigs in CT
1 additional RT to CT
Work for Confidential Job #1 as it comes in
Finish proposal for my Senator
Keep working on the Garden
Kentucky Derby
Stanley Cup playoffs



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