Posted by: devonellington | February 28, 2011

February 2011 Wrap-Up & Re-Envisioning

As usual, February brought unexpected opportunities — everything from car problems to a request for a partial manuscript to booking 7 more workshops.

Two big things that came up, affecting items on the list, where the need to “re-envision” things I thought were simple. The YA novel turned out not to be a YA novel at all, and an editor’s suggestion got it on the right track to be the best it can be. It’s no longer appropriate for the slot at which it was originally aimed. When it’s done, I think it will be a good book, but I can’t help feeling like I missed an opportunity and I “should have” been able to adjust to the requirements. However, since there was no contract in place and no money had changed hands, there was also no bad feeling, and an invitation to submit other material in the future.

The other “re-envisioning” I have to do is for my freelance brochure. What focus do I want it to take? How aggressive do I want to be in marketing myself locally? Which local business organizations do I want to join in order to progress? Since I’m spending so much of my time working on fiction and teaching, should I back off the business writing for awhile? Although the business writing tends to be higher paid and quicker turn-around. But, since my priority is fiction, I don’t want to get pulled too far off course into other things.

A lot of “doing” got done in February, but there also needs to be time spent reflecting in March, and making decisions on where I want my career to go in the next year, and in the next several years.

I watch many business freelancers walk away from their desks at 5 PM; the minute the clock stops, they are no longer engaged with their work. Fiction writing isn’t like that. Fiction writing is always with you, a part of you is always writing, even when you’re doing other things. Many business freelancers talk about making sure their work doesn’t interfere with their lives and that life comes first. Fiction writers integrate life and work, because it’s from life that the work springs.

February 2011 Wrap Up

Queries: 12 (8 accepted)
Submissions: 5
Imbolc celebration
2 site jobs in CT
Devon Ellington website updates
Assignment for Confidential Job #1
March newsletter (ahead of putting it on the To-Do List)!

In Process:
Play due in March
Garden design
Proposals for workshops and for-hire assignments (not on original list)
Rearranging storage area
Unpacking bedroom & office
Post-holiday correspondence

ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT edits — still waiting for editor’s notes
ANGEL HUNT revisions — moved to March (after play is done)
YA novel re-envisioned as adult novel; reworking it.
Rework brochure — need to find focus

Unexpected Additions:
Booked 7 new workshops into April of 2012
Booked year long intensive
Invited to present in-person in fall
Possible teleseminar
Car problems

Rejected short story
Car problems

The additional workshops
Agent request for a partial manuscript



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  2. I think we can move the “possible teleseminar” to the “in process” column. 🙂

    You’re prolific. It reminds me I need to aim higher. And I’m in awe of the energy all this must take!

    As you saw on my blog, February was my planning month. I have plenty in the works – some of it supposedly getting going next week, though I’m beginning to doubt it.

  3. One of the things I’ve lost is the percolating time. I need to step back and take “thinking and planning time”. I’m pushing a bit too hard on some projects that aren’t ready to be pushed yet.

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