Posted by: devonellington | February 1, 2011

February To-Do List

February’s a short month and I’m working two site jobs out of town, so I decided to keep the list in line with the limitations.

February 2011 To-Do List
12-15 Pitches/Queries
Finish YA and get out the door by end of month
Start play due at the end of March
Keep rearranging storage area
Keep unpacking office
Keep unpacking bedroom
Work for Confidential Job #1 as it comes in
Continue with garden design
Finish post-holiday correspondence
ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT edits — as soon as I hear from my editor
Update websites
Rework freelance brochure
2 site jobs in CT
Imbolc celebration



  1. […] on over to Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions — I’ve got my February To-Do List up […]

  2. With Angel Hunt and Old-Fashioned Detective Work on the same list, you’re going to have an entertaining month regardless of the amount of completion by the end of it! Good luck!!

    I made a public vow to complete my Feb GDRs by 100% today on my blog *gulp* So here goes:

    * Complete BACCARA BURNING revisions
    * Find potential publishers and resubmit SLICK
    * Keep on top of fiction submissions
    * Submit to all selected fiction competitions this month

    * Get poetry books on Kindle
    * Start work on new ideas for chapbook

    * Start preparing for RR issue 14 in March

    * Keep all my websites updated and relevant
    * New gigs lined up for review – Mogwai (21st)

    Reading & Learning
    * SCAREDY CAT by Mark Billingham
    * ONE GOOD TURN by Kate Atkinson
    * THE FRY CHRONICLES by Stephen Fry
    [Note: I’m still not getting through enough reading – big drive to make more time]

    * Publish a bloody podcast or at least figure out how best to do it!

  3. ANGEL HUNT keeps getting pushed back; hopefully I can tackle it by March.

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