Posted by: devonellington | January 31, 2011

January Wrap-Up

January was a busy month, and I’m fortunate that I both got a lot done, and was flexible enough to let new opportunities come in without completely derailing the most important things on the list. As usual, it was filled with rearranging and shuffling priorities. Overall, I’m happy with the month, I had fun and have gotten into a good writing rhythm here in my new space. I’m looking forward to February.

January 2011 Wrap Up

Pitches: 5 (much too low for the month — but so far, 4 out of 5 are picked up)
New Year’s Day Ritual
Taught Stephanie Plum Workshop
Live chat Jan. 12
New class proposals
Costume Imp’s visit
Twelfth Night party
Keep up with private diary and Gratitude List
Taught One Story, Many Voices workshop
Double-checked teaching schedule to make sure I had dates, etc. correct (I didn’t)
2 RT to CT
Stayed on top of bills, complaints, filing
Holiday decorations down and packed
Ornament Hospital
Planned Imboc celebration

In Process:
YA due on Feb. 28
Rearrange storage room/start unpacking boxes
Unpacking office
Unpacking bedroom
Garden design for spring
Catching up on post-holiday correspondence

Lawnmower purchase -moved to Spring
ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT revisions — still waiting to hear from my new editor
THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY — moved to February
ANGEL HUNT edits–moved to February
Rent PO box –moved to February or March
Rework brochure/do freelance mailing — moved to February or March
Start work on short story

Unexpected Additions:
Work on Samantha Light piece
Attended raptor release
Attended herbal seminar
Attended tree identification walk
Got car serviced
Attended plant identification seminar
Revised HEX BREAKER and got it out to publisher
Worked on Jain Lazarus Adventures Character bible
Worked on Jain Lazarus Adventures series outline
Work for Confidential Job #1
A LOT of snow shoveling

That I’m not farther along with the YA — no one’s fault but mine
Hurting my back slowed me down

Good workshops
Staying on top of most of the work



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  2. That’s a bloomin’ good month. Well done.

  3. Amazing how much I can get done when I’m not fighting with scumbag landlords all the time, isn’t it?

  4. Definitely wait on the mower. No need for it yet. Plus, you might be able to find a good used one.

  5. The guy who runs a local hardware store is getting me a good new one for less than the other places — plus he’ll deliver it and teach me how to set it up.

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