Posted by: devonellington | January 3, 2011

January To-Do List

Here’s what I need to get done this month. What about you?

New Year’s Day ritual
Do the ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT revisions as soon as I hear from my editor
Teach the Stephanie Plum workshop
Teach One Story, Many Voices
Live chat on Jan. 12
Double-check teaching schedule to make sure all dates are correct and confirmed
Work on some new class proposals
Costume Imp’s visit
Twelfth Night party
Work on:
The YA due on Feb. 28
Rent PO box for business
Rework brochure
Do freelance mailing
Start work on a short story
Rearrange the storage room/start unpacking boxes up there
Finish unpacking my office
Finish unpacking my bedroom
2 round-trips to CT
Stay on top of bills. complaints, and filing
Work on garden design for spring
Take down holiday decorations and store properly
Set up “Ornament Hosptial” and fix broken ornaments so they are ready for December of 2011.
12-15 pitches
Novel queries
Play queries
Buy a lawn mower
Keep up with the private diary and with the Gratitude List
Plan Imbolc celebration
Catch up on post-holiday correspondence



  1. […] Imp and I are on the road today, so while we’re travelling, here’s my to-do list for […]

  2. Godo luck with everything. I’ll be particularly keen to find out how the ANGEL HUNT edits go….as a fan of the original 🙂

  3. Here’s my own monthly GDRs:

    * Savvy Author’s Course (One Story, Many Voices)
    * Begin next re-write of BACCARA BURNING
    * Resubmit SLICK after returned
    * Keep on top of fiction submissions
    * Submit to all selected fiction competitions this month

    * Start work on new ideas for chapbook

    * Publish RR issue 13

    * Complete site overhaul for photography client
    * Keep all my websites updated and relevant
    * New gigs lined up for review

    Reading & Learning
    * SCAREDY CAT by Mark Billingham
    * ONE GOOD TURN by Kate Atkinson
    * THE FRY CHRONICLES by Stephen Fry

    * Use Podcasting ideas to publish first one
    * New Year book offers

  4. Colin, ANGEL HUNT’S changed a lot since you read it — for the better, I think.
    Your list looks good!

  5. My January to-do was exactly the same as my January wrap, posted today on mine, apart from just 3 items – 2 “done”s (1 annual and 1 global distribution on the novel) and 1 “not done” moved to Feb (proof a tech manual – I’m doing it NOW).

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