Posted by: devonellington | January 1, 2011

Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions for 2011

Last year was so far off-track from what I expected that I lost track in February and never really caught up. Many wonderful things happened, but unexpectedly. For that I am grateful, but there were no questions in fall (everything was about the move), so I simply took some time to think in the past week or so about how I want to form my 2011.

Query, market, and sell the backlog of writing
Do everything I can to make sure that ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT is a success when it releases
Write 3 novels
Finish at least 3 WIPS and prep for submission
Write 6 short stories
Write 1 play
Spend the time and learn enough to create a beautiful garden
Re-design my websites
Move hosts
Grow my freelance writing business in both the fiction and non-fiction elements
Continue and grow the teaching aspect of my work
Find a good local yoga studio and attend class regularly
Start putting aside money so I can own my own house
Add another cat to the household when the time is right
Volunteer with nature and animal-oriented organizations in the area

Earn the bulk of my income from fiction and plays — and that it’s more than enough on which to live comfortably
Own my own home
Remain healthy

Have more fun!
Stay true to my writing.
Continue to work my way out of debt and then remain debt-free
Grow and deepen my yoga practice even more, and add other enjoyable elements to my fitness regime
Keep a Gratitude List to remind me of all the good things that happen each day


  1. “Debt free” is on my wish list too, but it won’t happen this year – unless I get the same amount of work off the annual people for May onwards that I already have for Jan – Apr. I’d like to be in the position of “do I buy a car or do I clear my debt?” The car will be brand new and my argument is that I need the car to get to work to earn the money to pay my debts, and if I clear the debt I still have to earn the money to pay my mortgage. I’m also spening money on my current car that’s adding no value – I’ll never get that money back. It would be great to clear the debt AND buy the car. That’s a definite dream to be in that position.

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