Posted by: devonellington | December 31, 2010

Looking Back at 2010

Looking Back at 2010

2010 certainly had its share of challenges, some of which caused me to not give this blog as much attention as it needs and deserves.

I lost far too much time and energy fighting scumbag landlords, while a new Republican City Council ignored both the citizens paying them and the law because they were paid off. Agencies supposed to take action instead dragged their feet, so the situation escalated.

I decided to take a risk and put a lot of my financial future on the line, made some tough choices, but managed to pull off a move in October and November.

Not only am I in a wonderful living situation now — house instead of apartment, lovely landlords, a “room of my own” in which to write — but it’s in the area in which I’ve wanted to live for decades.

Living in a house rather than an apartment has its own challenges, but the learning is much more pleasurable!

I only landed one book contract, which was entirely my own fault for not completing and pitching as much as I wanted. I released several anthology opportunities because I simply could not create when under constant threat in my living space.

i managed to continue with the plays, although when my producer closed the company and relocated, that put an end to those commissions, and now I have to market those plays whose rights reverted back to me.

I learned a great deal about working with my senators and representatives on various issues, both locally and in Washington, DC. I discovered that I don’t like politics any better than I did previously, but I understand it more and building personal relationships with the people I pay to represent me is vital to getting things done. I also found out that when I take the time to create coherent, thorough proposals that anticipate budget and ideological obstacles, it gives them something solid and positive with which to work and move forward.

I taught more this year, and found I truly enjoy it. I booked quite a few workshops for next year, which is very exciting.

I deepened my yoga practice, and started to see results on multiple levels.

I like to think that 2010 was character-building — not in the sense of fiction, but in the sense of my own personal well-being. It wasn’t easy, but I hope I’ve come out of it better and stronger.

It may have been a difficult year, but it certainly has set a foundation for building a much more positive, integrated, and involved life.

I admit, I had a much more negative view of the overall year until I sat down and wrote this post!

I hope your 2010 was rewarding, even when challenging, and that 2011 looms bright and shiny and full of possibilities for you!




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  2. I had a similar year – I expected little when I reflected on it, but the end result surprised me. The year wasn’t as bad as it felt. It wasn’t as great as 2009 was, but it was quite close.

    I’ve found myself moving toward something. It’s not yet taken shape in front of me, but the anticipation and the pull of the universe on me is so exciting. It will reveal itself and I will be ready for it.

  3. Yeah, I can feel it, too, for both of us. Happy New Year!

  4. Sorry, just catching up with this one now … been a bit lax myself.

    I think you made a brilliant decision in the end, it has certainly already been worth the risk.

    As for the building a personal relationship with the people that represent you, I’m able to do this on Twitter and already, after just a week of following my local MP and interacting with him and his colleague in the next ward (who was following me before I followed him), I’ve had 2 responses.

    Good luck for the rest of 2011.

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