Posted by: devonellington | January 31, 2010

January Wrap Up

How’d your year start? The big lesson I learned from last year is that I have to be willing to reshuffle my list on a daily basis if necessary. The unexpected opportunities are often the best.

January 2010 Wrap Up:

Pitches/Queries — 9 (not enough, but there wasn’t much worth it out there)
Follow-ups: 4
Literary Athlete Column for SDR
2 SDR blogs
Final Sole Struck Fashions blog
Pulled Sole Struck Clips for file
Computer design workshop

In Process:
Submit anything that still needs a home
Brochure (because it’s in tandem with web redesigns)
ANGEL HUNT revisions
Steampunk novella
First draft of commissoned plays
short story
New vision of Penny’s Dreadfuls (coming along nicely)
Work on website redesigns

CRAVE THE HUNT — am not going to move on that until ANGEL HUNT is done; it doesn’t work to switch between these two particular projects.

WIP idea that took fire (over 100 pages)
new anthology call – still thinking about it
request for story story tie-in to Dixie Dust
Guest post for relaunched eTreasures

Problems with 1and1 caused me to lose a couple of assignments, and I missed other opportunities because the websites/webmail didn’t work properly and tech support refused to help solve the problem, and, in fact, denied that there wa a problem.

“Mina’s Test” published by STORIES FOR CHILDREN MAGAZINE
Very excited about new owner of eTreasures Publishing and her vision



  1. My year started almost without my knowledge! I had work coming to me for the first time in a while – scads of it. I managed to pick up four ongoing client gigs, which gives me a regular income for the time being (regular being relative in freelancing!).

    Started edits on my Miracle Boy manuscript, putting in sections that will better support the character movements and motivations.

  2. I’m so glad that the work’s coming in so regularly, that you’re not neglecting the fiction, and you dropped the gig that was sucking the life out of you!

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