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Looking Ahead to 2010

Goals, Dreams Resolutions: Questions for 2010

We’re getting towards the end of the calendar year, and it’s time to look ahead to the next calendar year in a way that builds on what we learned in this one. Some of us start our “new year” in the fall; some prefer to start it with the new calendar year. Remember that every year, every month, every day is the chance for a fresh start, if you choose to use it that way.

Take a look at these questions and ponder them. Please do NOT post answers until after January 1, 2010. Work on them between now and then, but post AFTER January 1. We still have a two months’ of growth and change left in this calendar year!

Some people wonder what the difference is between a goal, a dream, and a resolution. I see them as three elements of our overall path. The following definitions are my definitions, ONE definition, not THE definition.

A GOAL is a tangible endpoint that feeds into more endpoints supporting your overall life. For instance, goals can include a daily writing quota, finishing or editing a work in progress, learning a new skill, taking a new risk, or creating and sticking to a fitness program that makes it easier for you to achieve your other goals.

A DREAM is something that seems a little further out of reach, and may need several cycles to achieve. It’s something you want, but are not necessarily sure how to get there. When you break dreams down into smaller goals and resolutions, you find a tangible path to reach them. Sometimes, as you evolve, you find the dream isn’t really what you want or need, and have to let it go.

A RESOLUTION is a promise you make to yourself in support of your goals and dreams, something that makes your life and the lives of those around you better, more fulfilled, and more supported.

Shall we start?

1. Look back on 2009 and write a few paragraphs about where you were at the beginning of the year, what changed over the course of the year, and where you are now.

2. What did you have to let go of or what did you choose to re-prioritize over the course of the year? Why? How do you feel those choices will serve you moving forward?

3. Where did you/do you feel stuck? What can you do to remove the obstacles that you feel held you back this year? Where do you need to ask for help in practical areas? Where do you need to re-manage and re-configure your time?

4. What couldn’t you have foreseen at the start of 2009 that took place, and how did it affect the rest of the year? How do you feel it will affect next year, if at all?

5. Where did you choose not to be true to yourself? How will you avoid that next year?

6. Looking ahead, where do you want to shift and hone your focus for the next year? Why?

7. What are three practical steps you will take to do so?

8. Where will you learn to say “no” when necessary?

9. On a piece of paper, head three columns. One is your overall goals for the coming year. The second is your financial goals for the coming year. The third lists your emotional/spiritual goals for the coming year. You don’t have to list them on the site, but take a look and see where these three lists are in alignment and where they are in conflict. What are three things you will do this year to align these lists?

10. List your goals for the overall year, and a couple of practical steps for each you can take to make them come true.

11. List your dreams for the year, and a couple of practical steps for each you can take to make them come true.

12. List your resolutions for the year, and a couple of practical steps for each you can take to make them come true.

13. How can those around you help support you achieve these?

14. What was the scariest thing you attempted this year? How did it feel to put in the effort? How does this affect you as far as trying things out of your comfort zone moving forward?

I will repost this list early in January with my responses, and then look forward to your lists.


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  2. This is such perfect time, Devon. Just last night I sat with my husband to discuss his career goals for the next year. He has been very miserable in his job for some time now and these questions gave some great talking points for us to consider.

  3. Hi Devon,

    Thank yhou for visiting my blog and for sharing the link to yours.

    I am going to work through these questions and will post my answers on my blog in January too!


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