Posted by: devonellington | November 6, 2009

November To-Do List

My list for the month is fairly long and brisk. Normally, I’d participate in National Novel Writing Month, but this year, I had too many deadlines and too much travelling. Rather than drive myself crazy and put myself in a situation where I’d be unhappy, I opted not to do Nano and focus on deadlined projects.

I miss the energy of writing with several hundred thousand other people, but for me, this year, it was the sane choice.

I’m also re-thinking next year’s agenda — there’s a lot in flux for the coming year.

If yo haven’t signed up for my newsletter, why not do so this month? Starting with the November issue, I have a treat JUST for subscribers. Send an email to newsletter – at – with “Subscribe” in the subject line. It’s a random newsletter, coming out monthly-ish, and I expect to have the November one out sometime next week.

November To Do List:

Newsletter (with special treat for subscribers)
2 SDR blog posts
1 Sole Struck Fashions post
3 short stories
12-15 Pitches/Submissions/Queries
Follow up on outstanding submissions and queries
Finish up paperwork for Catholic Writers Conference
Work for Confidential Jobs #1 & #3
Finish Prague essays
Work on Prague articles
Finish Cape articles
Finish pet health article
Continue web redesigns
Work on brochure mailing
Research historical children’s story
Finish ANGEL HUNT revisions
Work on AMENDS
Work on steampunk novella
Work on litfic novella
Work on development of large project
Site jobs
Get Christmas/holidays sorted
Get overseas cards written and out by end of the month
Spend time at National Archives doing research
Upstate trip
Washington DC trip
Site jobs



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