Posted by: devonellington | November 1, 2009

October Wrap-up

All month, I felt like I wasn’t getting anything done, but to look at the list, I was more productive than I realized.

The last two days of the month were a big push — finishing two major grant proposals, and getting out one 5K story and one 9K story.

I’m ready for a vacation!

Here’s the wrap-up:

October Wrap up

2 SDR blogs
Rewrite Anita Blake essay for anthology
2 NYFA grant proposals
2 short stories
Pitches/Submissions/Queries — I only did 7, so I’m below my goal for the month. Honestly, I was so busy, I only skimmed the job boards and was unimpressed with the quality. Since I’m working on a new marketing push, I didn’t pitch much from the listings.
Taught at the Muse Online Conference — a great experience, as always
Jaunts for articles
Work for Confidential Job #1
Sole Struck Fashions post

In Process:
Prague essays
Prague articles
Cape Cod articles
Pet health article
Keep up on current submissions/queries
Follow up on previous pitches — I’m behind on this
Website redesign
Brochure mailing
Follow up to post card mailing
New marketing campaign

Research historical children’s story — for November
Type up AMENDS and work on middle – rolled to November

Unexpected additions:
Confidential Job #3, which will be exciting, but time consuming
Call for a steampunk anthology
One of the short stories morphed into a novel and had to be replaced by another short story
Novella idea (litfic)
Additional site jobs
Consulting work in an area of expertise new to me
Revisions requested for “Mina’s Test”
Took an honorable withdrawal from the wardrobe union
Family history research
Development begun on a big project

There was a major disappointment which I can’t yet discuss publicly until the legalities are sorted out.
Problems with the landlord — acts of harassment and aggression against tenants, including cutting down all the beautiful old trees.

2 grant proposals out
A roster of new seasonally-based clients
Shed some projects which no longer fit the vision for my work
Invited back to the Muse Online for 2010, teaching TWO workshops
Invited to teach TWO workshops at the Catholic Writers’ Conference in February
Site bookings for November
“Mina’s Test” accepted for January publication

How was your month?


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