Posted by: devonellington | October 1, 2009

October — Fall Always Feels Like a Fresh Start

Whew! Hello everyone! I’m back from my trips and working on my articles related to them. Prague was both fascinating and frustrating. I feel as though I’ve only scratched the surface, and I’m researching grant opportunities so I can go back for a longer period of time and poke around the layers of history a bit more.

If you follow my blog, Ink in My Coffee, I’m doing a series of essays on my trip, with photos.

Autumn always feels like a time for a fresh start. Perhaps it feels natural because of the way the agricultural calendar falls — you harvest, reassess, and start over. Or maybe because it was the start of many of our school year growing up, and seems a good opportunity for a fresh start.

I also took a huge personal step by requesting an honorable withdrawal from my Broadway union. Now it’s truly live or die by the pen, baby, for me!

Last month’s To Do list was quite short, because of the trips. This month’s is longer, but I didn’t want to make it too long.

October To Do list:

2 SDR blogs
Prague Essays
Prague articles
Cape articles
Rewrite Anita Blake essay for anthology
Research historical children’s story for new-to-me editor
Finish pet health article
Finish NYFA grant proposals
2 short stories
Type up AMENDS and plot middle; keep working on it
Finish ANGEL HUNT revisions
Keep up on current submissions/queries
12-15 new pitches
Follow up on appropriate previous months’ pitches
Work on site redesigns in preparation for relauch
Another brochure mailing
Prepare follow up post card mailing
Teach at the Muse Online Conference
Complete jaunts for articles (several are set up this month)
Create a more active marketing campaign
Complete assignments for Confidential Jobs 1 & 2 as they come in

As you can see, not a lot of fiction is in the above list. I’m easing back into the fiction slowly, and will add more of it back in as I clear off the non-fiction, contracted, paid deadlines.

I’m also doing some reassessment, which will be reflected in the questions I post for you to consider for your next cycle. I feel as though I got caught up a lot, again, in the past few months, in other people’s priorities instead of staying true and focused on my own writing priorities. When you write for other people and they pay you, of course that comes into play, but I feel as though it went out of balance. I’m trying to move it back into balance.

Happy Fresh Start!



  1. That’s a long list! The paid deadlines – I agree. The money facilitates the ability to concentrate on fiction. Fiction has a longer tail in terms of pay, but it takes longer, thus requiring the nonfiction work.

    A vicious cycle. 🙂

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