Posted by: devonellington | September 12, 2009

September and looking ahead to next year

Since I”m going to be away for a good chunk of September, my only goal is to have a good, safe, and inspirational trip.

Other things are settling into place for the next few months. True colors are being revealed, as are hidden agendas and all sorts of things. It’s fascinating.

I am re-prioritizing things so that i can take some major creative risks next year — and still earn my living writing.

I am also working on the questions for 2010, which I hope to post in early October, to give you plenty of time for contemplation.

The Life-Writing balance is pretty good right now, but the types of writing in the “writing” part of the equation have gotten unbalanced, too many have-to’s, not enough want-to’s, so that has to be re-alinged.

The summer was fascinating as far as figuring out priorities and finding out others’ agendas.




  1. I’ve also been through a period of self-analysis and change and it feels much, much better to have faced my failings and deal with them, instead of my normal of pattern of trying to fight through it.

    I’ve moved my writing year round to September to August, so I can use the Edinburgh Book Festival as the turnaround point.

    Taking risks is what it’s all about, it’s just a matter of timing once you’ve committed and it sounds like you’re there. I’m looking forward to reading what leaves your pen 🙂

    Also want to wish you a wonderful trip. It’ll be interesting to see how how your travels impact your decisions mentioned in this post.

    While I’m on, here’s my September GDR currently in progress since I’ve not posted last couple of months…

    * Complete writing Baccara Burning – IP
    * Complete editing of Greener is the Grass
    * Develop short fiction ideas – IP
    * Re-submit any rejected/recalled short stories – IP
    * Enter a couple of writing/poetry competitions – done

    * Write at least one poem per week- done
    * Develop ideas for new chapbook

    * Launch RR Issue 8 – done
    * Stay on top of RR submissions – IP
    * Start preparing RR issue 9 for December

    * Get a few gigs to review for NotW – done
    * Check out potential new website client – IP

    * Amalgamate web design and freelance writing websites – done;

    * Publish September newsletter – done
    * Keep website(s) up to date – IP
    * Look for book marketing ops
    * Bring Podcast ideas to life
    * Bring YouTube ideas to life
    * Complete MIS sound bites – done; audio now on blog

    * The Butt by Will Self – IP
    * Sisters in Time by Ginger Simpson – IP

    * Re-launch diet plan – LOL!!!!!

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