Posted by: devonellington | August 5, 2009

August To Do List

I’m keeping August’s list short, becuase, again, there are a lot of factors out of my control this month:

Pitches: 12-15
2 SDR blogs
Sole Struck Fashions
Lit Athlete column
2 mystery short stories to anthology
Finish serial
Penny’s Dreadfuls
Continue website redeisgn
Continue ebook re-design
Continue Czech lessons and Prague prep
Work for Confidential Jobs 1&2 as necessary
Client projects
Direct mail – Fearless Ink brochure



  1. Here is what I plan to get through in August.

    Day job
    -complete 2 x poster campaigns
    -brochure work
    -arrange video conferences for magazine board
    -weekly timesheet
    -weekly meeting/telecon with deputy editor
    -regular telecons with managing editor
    -website work
    -telephone conference
    -autumn 2009 magazine in production
    -UKTC News

    -diary work (Sep)
    -update gig list daily
    -monthly FMP payment
    -monthly finance/budget work

    -update writing blog on every writing day
    -Voices from the Dearne Valley – admin
    -Voices from the Dearne Valley – publicity
    -Voices from the Dearne Valley – transcribe 3 x interviews
    -article – Barcelona
    -article – Walking in the Wye Valley
    -Devon’s 5 Short Stories in 10 Weeks x 2
    -Writers’ Bureau x 2
    -query – brainstorming infant remedies
    -draft walking articles as walks are completed

    -weekly supermarket shopping
    -weekly household chores
    -weekly baking
    -weekly batch cooking

    Rest, relaxation, self development and other
    -read 1 x novel
    -watch 6 x TV series
    -monthly hair appointment
    -1 x football match
    -4 x walks
    -4 x rock gigs
    -almost daily Wii
    -1 x trip to Birmingham

  2. Pick of Devon’s list: ANGEL HUNT 🙂

    Pick of Diane’s list: Walking in the Wye Valley. How did you get on with Devon’s 5 Short Stories in 10 Weeks?

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