Posted by: devonellington | May 1, 2009

April Wrap-Up

Momentum picked up again in April, in the best possible way. I intend to do everything I can to keep it on the upswing!

April Wrap-Up

Pitches/Queries/Submissions — 12
SDR blog post – 1 (the other got away from me)
Work for Confidential Job #1
Sole Struck Fashions Article
Follow-up on January pitches/queries – 3 (Decided not to follow up on 11 other pitches because I wasn’t interested enough to pursue them; did not follow up on the 4 pitches where there’d been some negotiation, but I was pretty sure they were a scam; decided not to follow up on pitch to one publication because they now pimp bidding sites; decided to wait one more month to follow-up on 2 pitches to give them more time).
Finished draft of FEMME FATALE.
Kept up with client projects
Proofs and submission packages for ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT

In Process:
Preparing for the launch of DIXIE DUST RUMORS
Author interviews
Research for Bedtime Louie stories
Building Jenny Storm web presence

April newsletter – never sent it out Newsletter with be March/April/May. Want to put it in new format.
Mick Feeney story – hope to get it done in May
Chronicles of Nowhere story – likewise
Brochure mailing – now that I have a good computer with great capabilities, I’m redoing all the brochures that are in re-design
Final edits on OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK – don’t have them yet from my editor.
Get back to work on The Big Project
ANGEL HUNT revisions

The Maine Book
The Nathan Book
The Sci-fi Book
The Matty book
Blood Soup (play)
Sequel to TILL DEATH DO THEY PART (play)
Four guest blog posts


I need more hours in the day!

Got my Mac.
“The Retriever” was accepted and contracted by Books for Monsters.



  1. The Mac is sounding more and more enticing, Devon. I’m certainly going to consider it when this old dinosaur heaves its last.

    I like that you didn’t waste time following up on those jobs that you lost interest in. That takes a good deal of confidence and discipline – something the newbies need to learn before taking scam jobs just for the work.

  2. I made my goal of writing one poem per day last month…so I now have 30 rough drafts to work from.

  3. Well done, Serena – that’s a good result.

    Here is what I achieved in April:

    Day job
    – emailed magazine contributors
    – weekly meeting/telephone chat with deputy editor
    – weekly timesheet
    – arranged and chaired 1 video conference
    – prepared running order for magazine
    – 2 weeks holiday

    – prepared and maintained “done” list as I went along
    – diary work (April)
    – updated giglist daily
    – diary work (May)
    – monthly correspondence
    – monthly bill payments
    – monthly budget work
    – paid road tax onlline

    – submitted 2 short stories
    – updated writing blog on every writing day
    – started The Beast Within
    – found out about my first ever royalty payment

    – weekly supermarket shopping
    – weekly household chores

    Rest, relaxation, self development & other
    – 2 trips to Meadowhall
    – read 3 novels
    – kickstart slimming/fitness regime
    – update slimming blog monthly
    – had 1 day out
    – daily R&R
    – Easter holiday
    – monthly hair appointment
    – 6 monthly dental check up
    – started a new blog
    – started stitching and knitting again
    – 1 trip to Birmingham

  4. Serena – was that part of the PoMoWriMo or something? I knew someone else doing the 1 a day thing….

    Devon – the Mac’s the biggie, isn’t it? 😉

    Diane – What’s the bew blog (think I missed it). I’m always impressed by the atuff you get through religiously.

    My offering:

    * Complete 2nd draft of Greener is the Grass – not complete, but almost done.
    * Write at least four new flash/short stories – half done
    * Re-submit any rejected/recalled short stories – not done.
    * Enter at least one writing/poetry competition – not done.
    * Consider the future of Hunting Jack – decided to place ‘on holiday’ for now.

    * Write at least one poem per week (7/5) – done.
    * Consider re-publishing chapbooks with new front covers for Amazon – decided not to do until stock further depleted.
    * Produce small chapbook for PSH Free-For-All on 1st May – Selektion re-released.

    * Stay on top of RR submissions – could have done more on this.
    * Complete RR issue 7 for June – first batch contracts out; issue 70% complete.

    * Complete amalgamation of web design and freelance writing sites – ditched; Compass to be website work only, with specialised work for existing/specialist writing clients.
    * Carry out updates for property client – done and paid.
    * Carry out transfer and updates for B&B client – Still IP.
    * Carry out updates for photography client – none came through.

    Marketing and Promotion
    * April newsletter – done.
    * GDRs – done.
    * Keep website(s) up to date – done
    * Keep involved in EP’s company promotion scheme – not much to involve with right now
    * Work on Stella marketing plan – did some work. Waiting to hear from EP.
    * Bring Podcast ideas to life – not done.
    * Bring YouTube ideas to life – not done.
    * Record MIS sound bites – not done.

    Reading & Learning
    * Day by AL Kennedy – done
    * The Grave Tattoo by Val McDermid – IP

    * Keep diet going – not weighed-in lately – too scared!!

    Things That Turned Up
    * First guest blog on Freedom: Sage Cohen interview
    * Offered gig review for News of the World.

    Submissions Made
    1 novel on sub
    8 short stories on sub.

    * Gig opportunity in News of the World
    * Paid off major chunk of debt
    * April SDR published

    * Sniplits rejected Daffodils
    * Wanted to have completed Greener is the Grass

  5. Colin: It’s a stitching/sewing blog. I’ve not been doing so well, but at least I’ve been getting the have-to stuff done. I could do with losing some of my debt, just in case we go belly up at work.

  6. Lori — the Mac is awesome. Best purchase I ever made. the time I saved by not following up pitches that no longer interested me was focused on more interesting-to-me assignments.

    Serena, what a lovely goa!

    Colin, great stuff.

    Diane, you’re inspiring me to figure out when to add in my sewing.

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