Posted by: devonellington | April 2, 2009

March Wrap-Up

March was better than February, but still not as productive as I needed it to be:

March Wrap-Up:

Literary Athlete column
Pitches – 7 (way under — relied too much on job boards and was not aggressive enough on my own marketing)
SDR blog – 2
Sole Struck Fashions post
Kept up with client work
Guest blog for Ye Olde Inkwell
Guest blog post written for Star-Crossed Romance (to post in April)
Work for Confidential Job #1

In Process:
Billy Root story – and got CRAVE THE HUNT title
Bedtime Louie story
Mick Feeney Story
Men’s monologues
Women’s monologues
Jenny Storm web presence

Nowhere Chronicles story
Edits on ODFW (because they weren’t sent)
Edits on DIXIE DUST RUMORS (because it’s still too early)
The Big Project
Helena Francis Mystery
Next Merry’s Dalliance story
ANGEL HUNT revisions

Unexpected Additions
Revision of “Ris an Abrar”
new anthology stories

Too much post-mortem paperwork and fighting with unethical companies
Elsa’s illness threw a monkey wrench into the works.

I saw the production of TILL DEATH DO THEY PART (my play)

I read a lot, but didn’t track it properly.



  1. March didn’t start out as a very good month. I’d missed most of February for various reasons and was starting to fall back on things I’d set myself to do. This always has such a negative effect, I decided not to beat myself up, and to just carry on doing what I could when I could. I also decided not to squeeze so much in, to meet what I have to and then add to it when I see how much time I have left.

    Here, then, are my achievements for March:

    – update giglist daily
    – update writing blog every work day
    – newsletter Spring 2009
    – magazine Spring 2009
    – weekly timesheet
    – start great declutter
    – move Christmas into loft
    – a week long birthday
    – see 2 new bands
    – read 2 novels
    – read 6 how-to/self-help books
    – go to Whitby
    – go to Cleethorpes
    – go to Birmingham
    – day long injury free training workshop
    – 2 hour H&S observation tour and report
    – go to York

    The magazine and newsletter obviously took up much of my time, and the magazine was delayed by 3 weeks due to circumstances beyond my control – although that didn’t stop me feeling frustrated and guilty about it.

  2. Great work both of you!!

    Here’s a summary of mine:

    * Complete editing of Greener is the Grass – IP
    * Plan/research and begin writing Stella sequel – IP
    * Write one new flash/short story – not done
    * Re-submit any rejected/recalled short stories – completed for most
    * Enter at least one writing competition – not done

    * Write one poem per week – 7/4 complete

    * Complete Scotland’s Treasure column for SDR Spring edition (Apr) – complete
    * Query higher paying writing markets, not more lower-paying ones – hardly anything

    * Complete work amalgamating web design and freelance writing sites – not done

    * Stay on top of RR submissions – complete
    * Work on layout of RR issue 7 (June) – IP

    Marketing and Promotion
    * Brainstorm ideas and iron out tech problems for podcasts/videos – complete (Stella book trailer done)
    * Publish newsletter – not done
    * Prepare 1/4′ly Review – complete.
    * Keep website(s) up to date – complete
    * Reduce prices on chapbooks on the Net and market them as part of E-Book Week – done
    * Publish Poolside Poetry as an e-book download for first time as part of E-Book Week – done
    * Got involved in the Eternal Press company promotion scheme.

    Reading & Learning
    * Day by AL Kennedy – still IP

    * Keep diet going put on 4lbs

    Things That Turned Up
    * Prepared Stella book trailer, edits, and marketing plan
    * Copy of Fringe Fantastic sent to California as part pf the PSH Giveaway.
    * Queried the Intro to Criminology and Criminology evening courses at Telford College in Edinburgh – never received a response!
    * Provided website advice/recommendations for two clients – work pending for April.
    * Complete software installations/upgrades and laptop checks for two clients.

    Submissions Made
    Drunken Boat – A Writer’s Hell
    Off The Ground – Flash Fiction Online

    Slick – 2 publishers, 1 agent

    8 (circa) short stories out.

    * The biggie is the movement of Stella through the editorial and design phases that I was involved in. It was interesting and exciting to see how the process works from this angle. Having your work out of your hands and passing through
    so many others is an odd feeling. The artwork process worked out wonderfully and the editorial process wasn’t as tough as I’d expected. No date as yet, but we’re almost there!
    * The decision made to drop freelance writing for the time being was important. It’s not needed financially and it’s sucking what time I have away from creative writing of fiction and poetry. I feel better for doing it and I know inside myself I’ve made the correct decision.

    * Drunken Boat rejected Daffodils – I WILL get this story published!!!
    * Hunting Jack finally rejected, though with the offer of a re-write and 6-mth reconsideration; unsure where I’m going with this now.
    * A Bond of Faith rejected by Contrary Magazine.

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