Posted by: devonellington | April 2, 2009

April To Do List

I need to make up for some of the projects on which I’m behind, and reshuffle some projects as new projects come forward and grab priority.

April To-Do List
–Follow up on January pitches/queries
–April newsletter
–client assignments
–work for Confidential Jobs 1 & 2 as it comes in
–Sole Struck fashions
–3-5 pitches per week (12-15 for the month)
–author interviews
–Mick Feeney story
–Chronicles of Nowhere story
–research for Bedtime Louie story
–continue work on CRAVE THE HUNT
–edits on OFDW as needed
–edits on DIXIE DUST RUMOR as needed
–brochure mailing
–continue creating Jenny Storm web presence
–work on The Big Project
–start submissions for ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT
–work on ANGEL HUNT revisions



  1. Sorry, should have mentioned before, this and the one below are both also on my blog.

    April has dawned a lot more positively and brightly than the preceding 3 months and I’m hoping to strike an even balance between everything. I have a whole week off work for Easter and I intend to use it to best advantage. I’ve just completed my diary, or schedule, for the month and there is just one day that I won’t be doing any writing – or don’t plan to do any.

    Novel writing is going to form the bulk of my activity, outside of the day job, and then – and only then – when I’ve done my daily quota will I sit and read or watch telly or pull out the Wii or work on short material. Because I want to write every day, I also want to update the blog every day. And because I have a tighter schedule, I’m skipping the pictures unless they’re really relevant.

    This may look as though I’ve lowered the bar a bit, and I suppose I have. But the other jobs are still there to be done, once I’ve met my daily 1,000 word quota on the novel. I’m going to call all of that a carrot.

    Here, then, is April’s to do list:

    – diary work (Apr)
    – write 30,000 words of The Beast Within (daily target, 1,000 words)
    – update giglist daily
    – update writing blog daily
    – kickstart slimming/fitness regime
    – update slimming blog weekly
    – weekly brochure work (day job)
    – weekly website work (day job)
    – weekly timesheet (day job)
    – catch 1 new band
    – weekly supermarket shopping
    – weekly household chores
    – weekly baking
    – weekly batch cooking
    – daily R&R once daily 1,000 word quota is met
    – 1 week’s Easter holiday
    – email magazine contributors (day job)
    – email newsletter contributors (day job)
    – weekly meeting/telephone chat with deputy editor (day job)
    – monthly hair appointment
    – 6 monthly dental check up (shudder)
    – 1 trip to Meadowhall (shopping mall – big treat)
    – 1 trip to Birmingham
    – diary work (May)
    – jolly with Shirley (now cancelled, sadly, for April)
    – monthly correspondence (admin)
    – monthly bill payments (admin)
    – monthly budget work (admin)
    – read 1 novel
    – book car in for MOT

    Sorry it’s all bunched in together, it’s just easier and quicker for me to do it that way for now.

    I’ve managed 4 books already this year and am on book 5. This is 1 book ahead of my annual target, so I’m very pleased about that.

    Budget-wise, because I’ve had a few loans come to an end already, and another due to finish this month, I’ve added an extra tenner to my weekly shopping budget, taking it to £40, as I do struggle to keep below £30, the extra cat has upped the cost of cat food, and I’ve tried the very basic supermarket lines in some areas and just don’t like them. The weekend just gone was my first at the new budget, and I spent just over £32. I can deal with that a bit better than a regular overspend.

  2. I wish you luck with your projects…still working on my weekly goals and I am participating in the poem-a-day challenge…hoping to get a good collection of rough drafts this month.

  3. Lots of work for us all – I think these GDRs are working a treat all coming together in the same place 🙂

    * Complete 2nd draft of Greener is the Grass
    * Write at least four new flash/short stories
    * Re-submit any rejected/recalled short stories
    * Enter at least one writing/poetry competition
    * Consider the future of Hunting Jack

    * Write at least one poem per week
    * Consider re-publishing chapbooks with new front covers for Amazon
    * Produce small chapbook for PSH Free-For-All on 1st May

    * Stay on top of RR submissions
    * Complete RR issue 7 for June


    * Complete amalgamation of web design and freelance writing sites
    * Carry out updates for property client
    * Carry out transfer and updates for B&B client
    * Carry out updates for photography client

    Marketing and Promotion
    * Publish newsletter
    * Keep website up to date
    * Keep involved in EP’s company promotion scheme
    * Work on Stella marketing plan
    * Bring Podcast ideas to life
    * Bring YouTube ideas to life
    * Record MIS sound bites

    Reading & Learning
    * Day by AL Kennedy

    * Keep diet going

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