Posted by: devonellington | March 2, 2009

March To-Do List

February sucked, on oh so many levels, but March provides a chance to both catch up and move forward.

Several items on this list are clean-up from last month or things that rolled over from January to February.

Client work is picking up, so, although it’s only a single line on the list, it requires a solid block of hours every day.

So, here’s the To-Do List for March:

March To-Do List
–March newsletter
–Client assignments
–3-5 Pitches per week (total for month 12-20)
–do interviews with Karina Fabian and Kim Smith regarding their respective releases
–SDR column
–2 SDR blog posts
–Sole Struck Fashions
–guest blog post for Ye Olde Inkwell
–Finish Mick Feeney story
–work on Bedtime Louie story
–First Chronicles of Nowhere story
–continue work on Billy Root story (and find a title)
–edits on OFDW as needed
–edits on Dixie Dust Rumors as needed
–start OFDW publicity blitz (one I’m given release date)
–work for Confidential Jobs 1 & 2 as it comes in
–3 men’s monologues
–brochures and mailing
–Jenny Storm web presence
–work on The Big Project
–Get back to Helena Francis Mystery
–next Merry’s Dalliance story
–Finish revisions on ANGEL HUNT and ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT; start submission process.



  1. Good luck with your goals. I still am plugging along with my goal and have posted about progress each Sunday and set a new weekly goal.

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