Posted by: devonellington | February 1, 2009

February To-Do List

January’s gone, February’s begun.

I’m giving myself a well-earned day off today so that I’ll tackle the list tomorrow with energy and enthusiasm.

Here it is:

–Finish 3 men’s monologues
–Finish 2 women’s monologues
–Revise and get out FEMME FATALE
–First Mick Feeney story
–ANGEL HUNT revisions
–Work on Billy Root story
–edits for DIXIE DUST RUMORS as needed (probably too early for those)
–Start project S
–Complete The Big Project
–Pitch 3-5 jobs per week (total for month 12-20)
–February newsletter
–3 more back-logged stories out
–work on material for Confidential Jobs 1 & 2 as needed
–teach at the Catholic Writers Online Conference
–blog for Urban Muse
–Sole Struck Fashions Blog
–juggle three site jobs in the same week
–continue work on both brochures and do first mailing
–create Jenny Storm web presence
–2 SDR blog posts



  1. Okay, before I even started on the to do list for February I had to fit it all into the diary. There are only so many hours in the day, so many work segments, and only so many days in February – it really is a short month.

    Much of what I have to do is carried over from January, although there’s some February stuff in there too. By March I should have caught up even more.

    I don’t have time to put it into a nice list, so here’s one big one:

    *update writing blog every working day
    *update giglist blog every single day
    *update slimming blog once per week
    *workout on Wii every week day
    *daily work on Stevie Tarot 1: The Fool
    *weekly website work at work
    *2 x correspondence sessions
    *2 x finance sessions
    *send reminder email to contributors
    *send reminer email to new starters
    *arrange video/tele conference for editorial board
    *trawl for more newsletter material
    *weekly timesheets
    *think about possible 4-page standby article for *magazine
    *magazine in production
    *9 x rock gigs
    *power walk #4 of 6
    *3 x football (soccer) games (if any)
    *baking & batch cooking every weekend
    *weekly Yogalates workout
    *weekly supermarket shopping
    *2 x jollies with Shirley
    *weekly brochure work at work
    *filler #2
    *attend/chair video/tele conference for editorial board
    *Walking in the Wye Valley
    *3 x query letters
    *power walk #5 of 6
    *weekend household chores
    *Lycra Louts
    *H&S training – 1.5 days
    *power walk #6 of 6
    *filler #3
    *hair appointment
    *lots and lots of R&R, preferably after 9pm

    I left the bar where it was for now.

  2. I’m just doing weekly goals and progress reports on the blog on Sundays. I love that you are all ambitious!

  3. Diane — great list. I’m sure you’ll knock it off methodically.

    Serena — great work with the weekly goals!

  4. Let’s keep this going, folks! 🙂

    * Complete Blood Ties
    * Write one new flash/short story
    * Re-submit rejected/recalled short stories
    * Enter at least one writing competition
    * Complete working on the fiction output from October’s Muse Festival

    * Write at least one poem per week

    * Work on Scotland’s Treasure column for SDR Spring edition (Apr)
    * Query higher paying writing markets, not more lower-paying ones
    * Complete work amalgamating web design and freelance writing sites to

    * Stay on top of RR submissions
    * Complete laying out RR issue 6

    Marketing and Promotion
    * Brainstorm ideas for podcasts/videos
    * Keep website(s) up to date

    Reading & Learning
    * Finish Day by AL Kennedy
    * One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson
    * Marketing Sherpa
    * Always Be Testing (SEO writing)

    * Keep diet going

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