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Mon. June 27, 2022: Mid-Year Check-in

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We are almost at the halfway point of the year. How are you doing? In general, and in terms of your goals?

Overall, I am in a much better place this year than I was at this point a year ago, both mentally and physically. For that, I am grateful. I feel like I’m healing the tears in my creativity, and I can creatively function again, which had become a problem when I was sick during the pandemic, and then dealing with the move and the aftermath of exhaustion.

Learn One New Thing: I’d picked the one new thing I want to learn this year as Italian, and knew I couldn’t even begin to start that commitment until July. I am investigating various possibilities so I can start the work either the first or second week of July, and carve out a little bit of time 5 days/week to work on it.

I’m learning more than one new thing, because I’m taking time to learn some graphics programs, but I’m happy to learn more than expected!

The short trips have been redefined. Ithaca has been postponed, probably until next summer. The entire reason to go was a pilgrimage to Moosewood. Since they’ve had to close several times due to COVID infections, it means the customers are coming in sick and contaminating the place, and I am not comfortable even dining outside. So I will wait. With numbers rising, I am not comfortable going to Montreal yet, either.  The conference in August is virtual, thank goodness, because I am not comfortable yet attending conferences in person.

We’ve been doing day trips: to Lake George, to the Berkshire Botanical Garden, and we have a few more planned for the summer. There’s a possibility of a couple of nights away in the autumn, provided the virus numbers look good, and we get a place with a kitchen, so we don’t have to worry about dining.

Social interactions. I’m still very cautious. Most people are still masking indoors here, so that’s a plus. I attend art events, usually early in the event, so that I can slip out if it gets crowded. I’m taking my first in-person yoga class in nearly three years tomorrow night, in a studio with strict protocols. The bulk of my social interactions happen at the Farmers’ Market or the library. I wanted to participate with Word X Word, and I am involved in the World’s Largest Poem next month, so I’m meeting that goal!

I realize that it still might not be cautious enough. The only true caution would be continued isolation. Every risk I try to calculate, because I still have to build a life here. If I mis-calculate, I will have to pay the price in illness.

There are still people who are being excommunicated from my universe (mostly virtual, at this point) because they show their true colors and cannot be trusted. But that’s just part of life. People come into your life for a period of time for a reason. Some of them drift away; others need to be removed.

Work. I’ve been doing more radio writing, which I love. I have not pushed hard enough in the content/copywriting, and I have to rev that up in the second half of the year. The script coverage has been too erratic lately, and I don’t want to depend on that income too much.

Mental/physical health. Yoga and meditation. Where I live now is in walking distance from lots of great stuff, so I’m also walking more (and bought a pair of Timberlands to support that). I’m  not yet comfortable enough to go to Kripalu in person, but I hope to do so at some point.

Dreams. I’m starting to allow myself to dream a little again. Most of my dreams are centered around travel, and I have to keep pushing back dates, because I don’t feel comfortable travelling. I’m sure as heck not going to fly yet, with the way the airlines are so cavalier. But allowing myself the dreaming and planning is fun.

Joy. I’ve been afraid to be happy for far too long, afraid I would just get beaten down again. So I’m teaching myself to be happy in the small things: reading on the porch, playing with the cats, spending time at the lake, the farmers’ market, etc. Those have always made me happy, but I’m taking more time to acknowledge and appreciate them.

How are you doing, half-way through the year?

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Mon. June 20, 2022: Time for Healing and Grieving

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We’re living in a society of accelerated pace, where the demands are for instant engagement, response, and everything else.

But not everything is instant.

Look how little time we are given to grieve. We’ve lost over a million unique individuals to COVID so far, with more to come. Yet we are supposed to not only ignore it, but continue to put ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities, in constant danger and “move on” while the pandemic still rages and kills.


We’re supposed to heal instantly from whatever hurts we suffer, or at least act and speak that everything is “okay.” Whether it’s death or illness or rejection or other pain we suffer, we’re supposed to put it aside for. . .what, exactly? We’re told we have to keep functioning, we have to keep things running. So others can profit while we suffer? Why?

It only prolongs the pain and makes it more difficult to heal. Maybe this week we can push through, but in three months, the consequences will be much worse.

For all the fustiness and ridiculousness of many Victorian regiments, they had something right with the mourning process. Not with all the restrictions of dress and movement, but demanding that a year be taken to respect the dead, and that one not be forced to “move on” immediately.

Once I stopped berating myself for not jumping into my new life in my new location after the move and the various surgeries I had over the first pandemic year, something wonderful started to happen: I started to actually heal. Not the façade of healing, to make the world more comfortable. But actual healing.

It’s still a process. It will still take time, and I have no idea how long.

But by making room for the healing, and deciding to let it take a natural flow (while still actively working on the healing part, not the work-for-everyone-else part), I have given myself the room to actually progress.

Acknowledging the need to heal is part of it. Pretending everything is “fine” only prolongs it. Repressing it or putting it in a box and locking it away means it will turn into an emotional volcano, erupting when you least need it.

Recognizing the need to heal, making space for the healing, taking actions toward it, and not expecting it to take a specific amount of time all allow the healing to actually happen.

Make space. Take time. Be kind to yourself.

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Rest Over Stress

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Although today is nearly the end of the month, it is also a holiday in the US.

Therefore, I am prioritizing rest over work, and the monthly wrap-up will have to wait!

I’m breaking the 24-7 work habit. Finally.

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Mon. May 16, 2022: Flexibility and Flow

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Apologies for not posting last Monday; last week was a true encapsulation of Mercury Retrograde and the tech issues it so often brings. I had computer issues all week, between a 14-hour Windows11 Update that then threw everything else out of whack, and then having to update/uninstall/reinstall McAfee. Once things were up and running, there were days where it took a full hour to get the computer booted up and running.

On a tech level, it was a highly frustrating week.

However, since I’d cleared off a bunch of deadlines and was waiting new assignments from a client that didn’t arrive, I used the time to focus on non-tech things around the house that needed attention.

Normally, I would have been in front of the computer, raging and crying. This time, I kept setting it to do what it said it needed to do, and then went off to take care of other things, checking back in on its progress every now and again.

I was lucky to have the flexibility to do so, and I’d worked ahead so as not to have any deadlines hanging over me when the retrograde hit. Although I’d expected a bunch of client work during the week that didn’t arrive, I had the flexibility not to have a meltdown.

Which made for a much more positive week, all around.

While I’m behind where I’d hoped to be on a couple of creative projects (which are still fine, deadline-wise), I could use the tech down time to do other things that needed doing, instead of having to make alternate tech arrangements in order to meet deadlines. And it was a good thing I didn’t need to use the computers at the library – they were all down having update issues as well.

Somehow, it all worked out, and with less stress than I’ve usually had in these situations. I was still frustrated by the issues and delays, but it did not cause a meltdown. I could pivot to other parts of my life that needed the attention and work on them, without feeling like I had to control which block of time it fit into. It goes back into what I’ve talked about before, matching the best energy to each task.

Of course, we still have three more weeks of Mercury Retrograde, and anything can happen. I have no intention of being smug and complacent. But I also want to take what I’ve learned from this past week, about approaching the frustrations differently and responding to them differently, and applying it moving forward.

It made me realize, yet again, how well the freelance life suits me. I had the room to be flexible and flow with things that were out of my control, instead of having to find a way to work around them to meet commitments to others. It was also a reminder that when I do not procrastinate, when I work ahead of deadline, I take off a lot of pressure in case of last-minute obstacles.

It would have taken a lot longer to set up the front porch and back balcony as enchanted gardens if I was only allowed to spend an hour or so working on them, instead of devoting large blocks of time. And the result was worth it – we now have two lovely spaces to enjoy all summer (and where I can also work).

What’s the point of this post? In previous times, I would have been so overbooked and overwhelmed that I felt I had to control the situation in order to meet the schedule I’d set for myself. I’m slowly learning that I don’t need to do that. I can find ways to meet my deadlines without overbooking/overscheduling and feeling as though every and any obstacle is going to destroy me.

The latter is a much healthier way to live, and offers more room for happiness.

How do you flow when you’re met with obstacles?

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Mon. May 2, 2022: April Wrap-Up

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April was more chaotic than I would have liked, and the 4th vaccine took me down longer than I wanted. But still, a decent amount of work got in:


2021 Taxes

2022 Quarterly Taxes

4th COVID vaccine

10 LOIs

Video conference w/prospective client

Signed freelance/NDA with new client

Kept up with yoga & meditation practices

Kept up with script coverages

Kept up with client work

Kept up with book reviews

“Owe Me” first draft radio play


2 short story submissions

5 day virtual Buddhist summit

Updated Fearless Ink website

Built Pages on Stages website

Converted “Pier-less Crime” radio play to US Numbered Format

Sent off the Frieda/Laz plays to two interested producers

Feedback on a friend’s synopsis


The Big Project (behind where I want to be, but moving forward)

Working on the house

Contest entries

Roughing out anthology story in my head for Monthology

Comic horror radio play

Reconfiguring my work content and schedule

Planning the next few months (loose plan, subject to change)


First draft of THE KRINGLE CALAMITY, which has to get back on track in May.


“Horace House Hauntings” licensed in Minnesota


That the garage made me wait a month for an appointment, then refused to fix the car because it would “take too long.”

Trouble getting in to the other mechanic

Trouble changing over my mother’s cell service carrier – both Tracfone and Consumer Cellular are not customer-oriented.

Problems with AllHungry (definitely a company to avoid doing business with in the future)


Signing with a new client

“Horace House Hauntings” licensed again

Radio plays out to interested producers

How was your month?

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Mon. April 25, 2022: The Process of Putting the Pieces Together

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You might notice that the graphic, above, is the same one I’ve used over on Ink in My Coffee for today’s post about my intent for the week.

That’s because these two posts are tied together.

We’ve talked about dreaming the ideal life, becoming the architectet of that life, becoming the artist of that life.

Now, we start to put the pieces together.

The first thing to accept – and the hardest to accept – is that it’s all a process, and nothing is guaranteed to stat secure. Unless you’re absurdly wealthy and can built yourself a fortress, outside forces will cause change. Even if you succeed in building a fortress, it can still all crumble from the inside.

But we make our plans, we take the actions that best serve those plans in the moment, and we are up on the balls of our feet, ready to move with necessary change

For me, part of putting it together and figuring out actions is a lot of downtime. A lot of percolation time, noodling time, daydreaming time. I used to feel bad about it, like I was slacking. As part of the false “productivity” narrative in which we’ve been trained to believe, I’ve always felt that, no matter how hard I worked or how much I got done, it was never “enough.” 

I no longer feel bad, nor do I try to deny that I need it.

I also, as I age, and as I figure out how I create my best work, need more rest.

I am working on not feeling guilty about that, too.

Because as long as I meet my commitments/contracts to and with others, I can and should take all the rest I need. Blowing off commitments is not okay; but figuring out how to make meeting them sustainable while protecting my own energy and needs is.

I could not have had a professional life in theatre and film production had I implemented these needs. I made a choice that I would put the demands of the profession ahead of my own needs. I do not regret it. At the same time, I no longer want to live that way.

The changes that need to happen to support sustainable lives in the arts is another conversation for another day.

I have started putting these needs into effect by:

–Working fully remotely;

–Leaning more into the freelance assignments than those that demand I work specific hours on specific days;

–Matching my energy at any given time of day to the task best suited, and enjoying the freedom so to do – which gives everyone a higher quality of work, and me a higher quality of life;

–Communicating boundaries and holding to them;

–Standing by the fact that “No” is a complete sentence and does not have to be qualified;

–Giving myself more open time to create, be it for client work or for fiction. Client work needs creativity, and that’s not always about sitting at the computer. It’s about finding the catalyst to create the best work.

There’s still a lot of work to do. A great deal of the work is sorting through various listings and calls for submissions and work situations to find the best matches, so that the financial strain is lessened, while my needs are still met. This is an ongoing process, since most companies are set up to drain the life force out of their workers in exchange for sub-sustenance. Finding situations that are not like that takes, again, time and creativity. They are worth it; they are just harder to find.

No matter how “they” market that the pandemic is over so that we run around dying for our employers again and/or dying to go shopping, attend conferences and events without safety protocols, and pretend everything is fine until it kills us, things will never be the same again.


Since we will not get the societal support necessary to rebuild our lives as the pandemic continues, due to those who are in an extremist cult and/or those who choose oblivion, we have to re-create our own worlds, and then ripple what works out to support each other and create oases of sustainable lives with each other.

How are you putting the pieces together to reshape your life?

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Mon. April 18, 2022: Mid-Month Check In

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How’s your April going so far? Weather-wise, it’s been all over the place here, and because the weather has so much impact on what we do, it’s meant a lot of adjusting as things change. But it keeps one flexible. And it’s such fun to watch the weather roll around between the mountains.

Anyway, as usual, I feel like I’m behind where I want to be, and I’m trying to stop beating myself up about it.  Here’s what’s gotten done so far:

2021 Taxes

2022 First Quarter Taxes

4th COVID vaccine

5 LOIs

One video conference w/a prospective client

Working on the house (decorating/unpacking/cleaning)

Kept up with meditation practice

Kept up with yoga practice

Work on two radio plays (both still in progress) as part of Dramatists Guild End of Play program

Kept up with script coverage

Kept up with book reviews

Worked on contest entries

Roughing out the anthology story in my head

Failed attempt to get the car fixed

2 short story submissions

Lots of planting

Virtually attended a 5-day summit on the teaching of Pema Chödrön

Updated my Fearless ink website

In conversations with 2 different producers for 2 different radio projects

Built the Pages on Stages website

What’s missing from this list is work on The Big Project, which kept getting bumped, and on the edits for CAST IRON MURDER. Those have to go back on and get caught up on for the second half of the month, along with other deadlines.

It’s not a bad list, it’s just that some items that need to be on it aren’t. So I will have to adjust for the second half of the month.

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Mon. April 11: The Artist of Your Life

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In the preceding weeks, we’ve talked about the need to daydream, and the need to be an architect of our own lives, building structures to support the dreams.

Today, we talk about being the artist of our lives.

What do we want to create? Not just structurally, but creatively and emotionally? How do we do that?

It involves a deep knowing, and also knowing that what we want, need, and dream to change. Creating something beautiful doesn’t mean it’s permanent. That’s the most difficult, as we go through our lives. There’s sometimes a sense, when our needs changed, that we failed in not knowing that and how they would change.

But it’s not failure. It’s growth. And creating the life we want by dreaming, building the structure, and then being the creative artist within that structure creates the growth.

Start somewhere.

That’s always the most difficult part. To actually know where to start, and then to do it.

It can be as simple as changing the duvet cover on the bed, or painting a room a fresh color, or creating a reading or knitting nook in a corner. Integrate with the structures you need to bring your dreams to life through creativity.

Does the energy in your room feel stuck? Explore different schools of Feng Shui to rearrange the objects in your space to open space in your life. The physical and the mental/emotional affect each other.

Give yourself physical and emotional space to create, in whatever type of creativity serves your life. There’s creativity in accounting and science and building roads as much as in the arts.

Maybe you’re working three jobs and taking care of the family and doing all the housework, and it all seems like Too Much. Try spreading out the chores amongst family members, but instead of them being “chores” (which has a negative connotation), make them adventures, or chances to be creative. Doing the dishes is part chemistry, part magic. A dirty, crusty dish is changed into its best self – a work of ceramic art. And the person cleaning the dish is creating that transformation. Vacuuming is a way to suck up all the nasty dirt psychologically as well as physically, getting rid of what you don’t need. Maybe the only time you have when you can let your mind wander is when you’re in the shower. Enjoy that brief time in the shower. Remember how good it feels, when annoyances in the day snap at you like mosquitos.

Finding ways to add creativity to mundane aspects of your day creates more pleasure in the day. As daily necessities become more fun and more of a creative outlet, it will create room for other kinds of creativity, that has more to do with manifesting your dreams.

You might never truly enjoy cleaning the toilet, but you can turn it into something more fun and creative, rathe rather than a period of time where you feel unhappy. As you scrub the toilet bowl with your bristly brush, imagine the dirt in the bowl is the pollution in your life (maybe even the polluters). When you flush it out – it’s gone.

It’s clean and fresh and what was awful and dirty is gone. It will get dirty again, but it will be different dirt, and not the dirt that’s now gone.

One of my little “making my life a work of art” is putting different wreaths on the door every month. I do it for fun; the neighbors look forward to seeing what will be on the door next. When I order takeout, they can easily find my door, because it has the unusual seasonal decoration.

Another one of my weird little quirks is novelty socks. That started back when I worked backstage, and I had to wear black six days/eight shows a week. Black shirt, black pants, black running shoes. So I started wearing funny socks: cats, martini glasses, cats with martini glasses, witches riding their brooms, skiing Santas. Other people started giving me fun socks, for Secret Santa times stocking stuffers, or gag gifts. I no longer have to wear black all the time. In fact, when I first left backstage work, I rarely wore black for five years. Now I wear it again because I like it. But, throughout, I still wear fun socks.

Door wreaths and funny socks aren’t big deals or major artistic statements. They are little personal quirks. But they make me happy and the people around me smile, so we all gain from it. Life is short enough, and transient enough. Any moments of joy we can create and enjoy are a win.

Integrate fun moments into your days. Recognize and appreciate those moments. Then let them expand and build on them. What makes you happy? What makes those in your lives happy? How can interactions be playful rather than stressful? It’s not appropriate for every interaction to be playtime, but there are plenty of mundane moments that can be infused with magic and laughter.

And that’s how you create your life as a work of art. With joy and laughter and connection.

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Mon. March 28, 2022: March Wrap Up

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It feels weird to wrap up the month when there are still four days’ worth of work to do, but I’d rather wrap it up today than next Monday, when we are already into a fresh month with new possibilities and commitments. So, here it goes:


11 LOIs

Script coverage

Knowledge Unicorns

Stayed current with blog posts

4 book reviews

New lore/organizational lore for 2nd monster for Monthology

Client work



Set up the parameters for Dsole, Meet Me, and Mists Between the Worlds

Big Number Birthday survived

Research for the retro mystery

First editing pass of CAST IRON MURDER complete

Newsletter (to go out before the 31st)

In Progress:

The Big Project (although I’m behind where I want/need to be)

CAST IRON MURDER second draft begun

Contest entries

Monthology brainstorming

Rewriting “Under Greasepaint”

Writing “Time Links”

Spring Cleaning

Car repair issues

Spring planting


The Kringle Calamity draft (which has to rotate back into the schedule quickly)

Unexpected Additions:

The new monster/organizations for Monthology

Desolḗe, Meet Me, and Mists Between The Worlds

Signed up for the End of Play project with the Dramatists’ Guild (for April)


“Under Greasepaint” rejected (but I’m rewriting it)

“Enter the Murdered” rejected (looking for a new market)

My bank


Short-listed for a horror anthology

Survived the Big Birthday without chaos

The plants are germinating!

Internal promotion/pay bump from a client

How did your March turn out?

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Mon. March 21, 2022: The Architect of Your Life

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Back on March 7, which was only a few weeks ago (but feels like a year in pandemic time), we talked about dreaming your ideal life. I hope you’ve carved out some time to do that, because now we build on that with the next step, which is becoming the architects of our own lives.

What is an architect?

Architects have a deep understanding of structure. They know how to build architecture that functions well. They understand strong foundations, pillars. They understand the need to renovate, reconfigure, and restore, at different times in a building’s lifestyle. They know how to marry form with function.

Architects understand design. They know how to create workable beauty.

How can we translate that into our lives?

We have to start where we are, without judgement. What is the structure of your life? What does a day look like? What is the difference between your work time and your private time? What is your placement and function in your family unit (be it blood or found), in your communities (be they physical or virtual)? What makes you happy? What frustrates you?

Once you’ve spent some time pondering, and perhaps writing, about that, take the leap to the best life you imagine. Not the one you wanted years ago, or even weeks ago. Not the one someone else wants you to live. But the life of which you dream.

Ask the same questions.

Now, compare the two lives.

What structures will help you get to where you want to be? What structures are hindering you? How can you work around, over, through, or remove those obstacles? How can you start building what you want? Where are the obstacles providing an opportunity to look at the process differently?

What steps, however small, can you take to bring the life you live now closer to the life you want to live? What can you build to get there?

Instead of giving yourself a deadline to reach the destination, give yourself a deadline to take the first step.

The fulfill that first step.

What have you learned from thinking about these two lives?

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Mon. March 14, 2022: Mid-Month Check-In

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I can’t believe we’re already halfway through March! The weather around here is more like January.

I don’t feel as though I’ve been very productive thus far, but then, again, I never do, and I’m trying to shift the way I’ve been trained to overwork myself into something healthier and more holistic.

What I’ve done so far:

Worked on The Big Project

Kept up with script coverage assignments

Reviewed 2 books and received 2 more to review

Kept up with the Monthology brainstorming sessions; even got a new monster and wrote organizational and lore information on it.

Kept up with client work

Sent out 10 LOIs

Worked on background research for several projects

Worked on contest entries

Worked on revisions for CAST IRON MURDER

Set up the parameters for a series of projects each of which will contain a variety of short pieces within it

Started the spring planting

Kept up the meditation practice

Recommitted to the daily yoga practice (which has been hit and miss since February)

Worked on organizational things around the house

Shoveled a lot of snow

Got the car fixed (and yet, it has to go back in for more work)

Kept up with Knowledge Unicorns sessions

Requested a lease extension

Had a Big Number birthday

Took a 3-day weekend for said birthday

That’s not a bad list, actually. I wish it felt like I was getting more done.

The Big Spring Clean starts today. This home is a long, front-to-back space, so we are starting in the kitchen and working our way forward. I can probably only do about 2 hours a day, so I figure it’ll take about two weeks to get it all done. But it will sparkle by the time we’re finished!

How has your March been so far?

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Mon. March 7, 2022: Dream Your Ideal Life

Image by M W courtesy of

Between the pandemic and the GOP trying to kill anyone who doesn’t knuckle under to them and the war in Ukraine, most of us haven’t allowed ourselves the time or space to dream lately.

It’s time to change that.

Over the next few days and weeks, create blocks of time here and there to sit and daydream.

What would your ideal life look like? What elements would it contain? Where would you live? What kind of work would you do? How would you construct your day? What would your relationships look like? What would you make room for in regard to your interests?

Don’t worry about the practicality of any of it. This is about dreaming.

If you work with tarot, use the 7 of Cups card as you consider this. The 7 of Cups is the daydreamer’s card. Interpretations are sometimes slanted to the negative. When it comes up for me, I find that it usually means I need to block out time to daydream and look at a variety of options, without rushing to a decision. Yes, decisions have to be made eventually, but this is not the right moment for it. This is when you need to dream.

Imagine it as being real in the moment, not something maybe for the future.

Free write in your journal, or a notebook put aside for these daydreams.  Don’t limit yourself. Keep the notes of these dreams. Put the date down each time you write something. We will work with them later in this process.

Let your imagination roam.

Posted by: devonellington | February 28, 2022

Mon. Feb. 28, 2022: February Wrap-Up

image courtesy of Coleur via

There’s obviously a lot going on in the world right now, and we need to pay attention and make the decisions we need to make. In addition to world stuff, I was feeling particularly burned out around some other areas of my life, so it was not the productive month for which I hoped.


Kept up with script coverage work, although I did less than usual (and took the financial hit)

Kept up with book review work

Adapted a trio of short radio plays into a single play

Wrote a short radio play

6 LOIs out (far too few)

4 submissions

Attended virtual networking session

Attended virtual author event

Renewed Boston Public Library Ecard, giving me access to additional resources

Unpacked more books

Ideas for a grant application for a friend

Local Artist Census

Cleaned up Twitter account

Started spring planting

Kept up with Knowledge Unicorns

Voter registration complete after fighting to get it done for 8 months


Working on contest entries

The Big Project (although I’m behind where I wanted/need to be)

Collaborated on the shared world anthology

Grant application


Learning Scrivener has to wait until I have time to block out

THE KRINGLE CALAMITY drafting was moved to March (although I have to get back on with it)


Spell-A-Day Edits

The radio plays

Grant applications

Ideas for several long-term, un-deadlined projects


1 Rejection (short story)

Potential client situation not working out because of low pay and unacceptable conditions

Dealing with an unpleasant client situation with a big client

Dealing with a scam

The CDC putting us at risk yet again by dropping mask guidelines


Getting the radio plays adapted/written in a timely fashion

Looking back over that list, it’s not as short as I expected in the “done” column. How was your month?

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